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Connect all your tools together

Embrace automation to transform your team's efficiency. Learn to identify repetitive tasks that can be automated, freeing up time for strategic work that drives growth.

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Challenges we see often

Based on a decade of experience, here's the challenges our clients experience:

Manual madness

Manual madness

Stuck doing manual labor in a digital world? Overcome automation anxiety and let technology do the heavy lifting.

If only I could automate this..

If only I could automate this..

Drowning in repetitive tasks? Create smooth workflows to sail through your day without a glitch.

Not using automation

Not using automation

Many businesses lack a strategic approach to customer retention, relying on ad-hoc tactics that fail to foster loyalty or encourage repeat purchases.

Juggling too many balls

Juggling too many balls

Feel like you're juggling too many balls? Simplify life with smart automations that take care of the mundane.

Trigger tripwire

Trigger tripwire

Ever set off alarms unintentionally? Refine your triggers to ensure automations work like clockwork.

Course Outline

What you'll learn in this course

All of the levels of the Solid Growth program consist of an online course to get everyone on the team on the same level, followed by a workshop to implement the theory together.

Data Basics

Learn data basics and enhance streamlined, efficient, and impactful business operations.

Master the essentials of APIs and understand different data types and structures as they apply to no-code platforms. By adopting best practices for data management and integrating APIs with no-code tools, you’ll enhance your automations, leading to more streamlined, efficient, and impactful business operations.

Learn the essentials for APIs for non-programmers

Understanding data types, structures, and how they are used in no-code platforms.

Best practices for cleaning, saving, and enriching data in a no-code environment.

Step-by-step guide to integrating APIs with no-code tools to enhance automations.

No-Code Use Cases

Get inspired with use cases you can build

Discover and apply no-code automation use cases from various industries, including ecommerce, sales, and data management. Gain the ability to create effective, automated workflows and dashboards that streamline operations, enhance data visibility, and drive sales, all without writing a single line of code.

Learn how to use no-code automations for ecommerce

Learn how to use no-code automations for sales

Learn how to use no-code automations for creating dashboards / data overviews

Learn how to clean and enrich data with no-code

No-Code Operations

Streamline your operations without a developer

Embrace the principles and advantages of no-code solutions to transform your operational workflows. By understanding the evolution and impactful application of no-code technology, you'll be equipped to tackle common operational challenges efficiently.

Understand the principles and benefits of no-code solutions in operational workflows.

Learn about the evolution of no-code and its impact on business automation.

Identify common operational challenges that no-code solutions can address.

Best practices for implementing no-code solutions in business operations.

Building Zaps

Connect your apps together and let data flow effortlessly

By mastering the creation, customization, and optimization of Zaps, you'll significantly streamline your business operations, reducing manual tasks and improving overall efficiency.

Understand the Fundamentals of automation platform Zapier

Learn how to set up your own Zap

Learn to optimise & troubleshoot Zaps

Learn how to split actions based on different data

Workshop about this level

Build our own automation

Together, we'll build an automation that will save you time. Learn how to build your own automation without coding.

Map your process

Learn how to build without coding

How to solve problems & test

Inspiration of use cases

The course is designed to fit into the schedule of someone working full-time.




Your teacher

Over a decade as a growth operator

Since 2012 I've led and helped growth teams from start-ups to exchange-listed companies. Let me bring a decade of experience to you team.

Marketing teacher

Educated over 1,500 marketers, sharing industry-leading practices and fostering the next generation of marketing leaders.

Growth Advisor

On Decathlon's advisory board, I leverage my extensive experience to guide strategic growth and innovation.

Experienced head of growth

Directed growth strategies for well-known brands, translating ambitious goals into tangible results and sustainable success.

Seasoned entrepreneur

Launched and grew businesses since 2012, navigating the ever-evolving marketing landscape.


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Level 5 Automations [5x course access + workshop]

Online course access for 5 people

1 live online workshop with entire team

Created for busy growth teams

Based on a decade of experience

5 courses

Growth Operations


Get access to Automations and 4 other levels of this program.

Programme contains 5 courses that build on top of each other.

Access to 5 levels for your entire team

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Systematic approach of 5 courses

15 courses

Full Solid Growth Foundation


All 3 programmes with access to all online courses + workshops:

5x Growth Operations courses

5x Customer Acquisition courses

5x Lifetime Value courses

Access for 10 people

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