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Customer journey

Turn your website into a conversion machine

This level involves a meticulous walkthrough of your site, applying a comprehensive checklist to each segment of your sales funnel.

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Customer journey

Course Outline

What you'll learn in this course

All of the levels of the Solid Growth program consist of an online course to get everyone on the team on the same level, followed by a workshop to implement the theory together.

Ideal homepage

Engage users from your homepage

Revamp your homepage to captivate and engage visitors from the first click. Discover how to balance design, content, and navigation to guide users smoothly towards conversion, boosting traffic engagement and sales.

Ideal homepage

Understand the role of the homepage in the customer journey.

Learn the elements of an effective homepage that aligns with user expectations and business goals.

Develop strategies for creating engaging and intuitive homepages.

Analyse best practices and common pitfalls in homepage design.

Ideal Category Page

Boost product discovery with better category pages

Redesign your category pages for optimal user experience, making products easier to find and explore. Implement effective categorisation and filtering to enhance user satisfaction and increase sales.

Ideal Category Page

Understand the importance of category pages in guiding customer navigation.

Learn how to structure category pages to enhance product discovery.

Develop approaches for filtering, sorting, and displaying products.

Analyse examples of effective category page designs and functionalities.

Ideal Ecommerce product page

Create compelling product pages that sell

Refine product pages to highlight key benefits and features, persuading visitors to make a purchase. Learn the secrets to crafting compelling content and visuals that drive sales.

Ideal Ecommerce product page

Explore the role of product pages in the conversion process.

Learn the elements of a compelling product page, from copy to images to social proof.

Develop strategies for optimising product pages for higher conversion rates.

Analyse successful product page layouts and features.

Ideal cart & checkout page

Eliminate drop-offs and have a smooth checkout process

Simplify your cart and checkout process to eliminate user drop-offs and skyrocket conversions. Gain insights into creating a frictionless, trustworthy final step that encourages purchase completion.

Ideal cart & checkout page

Understand the significance of a streamlined cart and checkout experience.

Learn best practices for designing cart and checkout flows that minimise abandonment.

Develop techniques for encouraging progression from cart to completed purchase.

Analyse common obstacles within the checkout process and how to overcome them.

Workshop about this level

Funnel insights workshop

In a walkthrough of your funnel, I'll uncover a lot of possibilities for improvements (yes, I can find things in any website) and share them in a Figma file.

Review of your funnel walkthrough

Adding my ideas to your funnel

Showing the principles and WHY this works

Common pitfalls in funnels