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Project management

Unify workflow & communication in 1 place

Implement a project management system to centralise tasks, set priorities, and align team goals for improved efficiency and clarity.

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Project management

Course Outline

What you'll learn in this course

All of the levels of the Solid Growth program consist of an online course to get everyone on the team on the same level, followed by a workshop to implement the theory together.

Project Management Essentials

Get your project done in time

Master the art of project management to ensure every initiative is clearly defined, well-organised, and on track.

Project Management Essentials

Learn the principles of effective project management.

Understand how to define and organise project objectives and deliverables.

Techniques for effective project planning and milestone setting.

Strategies for monitoring and controlling project progress.

Communication Protocols

The entire team is informed, engaged, and aligned

Enhance your team's performance through clear and consistent communication strategies. By establishing efficient channels and resolving conflicts effectively, you'll foster a collaborative environment where every member is informed, engaged, and aligned with project goals.

Communication Protocols

Learn the importance of clear and consistent communication within teams.

Identify effective communication channels and tools for project management.

Techniques for resolving misunderstandings and conflicts efficiently.

Best practices for maintaining project documentation and updates.

Company Wiki

Create a single source of truth

Create a single source of truth for your team by setting up a well-structured company wiki. This centralized knowledge hub will improve information sharing, streamline onboarding, and encourage a culture of continuous learning and collaboration within your organization.

Company Wiki

Understand the purpose and advantages of maintaining an company wiki.

Learn how to structure and categorise wiki content for your team.

Best practices for contributing to and updating the wiki.

Strategies for encouraging team usage and engagement with the wiki.

Workshop about this level

Project Management Q&A

Interactive session to apply project management principles to a real project and show how to set this up in your favourite tool

Practice setting clear objectives

Mapping deliverables & dependencies

Planning without stress

Q&A on Notion or Clickup