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Retention marketing automation

Give every reason to stay, engage, and purchase again.

Transform first-time buyers into lifelong fans with sophisticated Klaviyo flows tailored to every stage of the customer journey.

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Retention marketing automation

Course Outline

What you'll learn in this course

All of the levels of the Solid Growth program consist of an online course to get everyone on the team on the same level, followed by a workshop to implement the theory together.

Engaging new customers

Perfect the post-purchase journey for new customers

Empower your brand by perfecting the post-purchase journey for new customers. Develop immediate engagement strategies and construct a Klaviyo flow that welcomes, educates, and builds trust, transforming first-time buyers into lifelong fans.

Engaging new customers

Understand the importance of the post-purchase experience for first-time customers.

Learn strategies for immediate engagement after the first purchase.

Develop skills to create a welcoming and educational journey for new customers.

Practice building a first-time purchaser flow in Klaviyo, focusing on providing value and building trust.

Nurturing Repeat Purchasers

Target repeat customers when they're ready to buy

Target repeat customers at the optimal moment in their buying journey by analyzing customer behavior and purchase patterns.

Nurturing Repeat Purchasers

Explore the characteristics of repeat purchasers and their importance to business growth.

Understand how to analyse customer data to identify potential repeat purchasers.

Learn to create personalised email flows in Klaviyo targeting second-time purchases.

Practice designing a repeat purchase journey that encourages ongoing engagement and sales.

Winning Back Customers

Re-engaging customers at risk of churning

Learn to construct targeted Klaviyo win-back sequences that resonate with customers' previous interactions and motivations.

Winning Back Customers

Identify the signs of a customer at risk of churning and understand the win-back concept.

Learn strategies for re-engaging lapsed customers and the timing for win-back campaigns.

Develop skills to build win-back email sequences in Klaviyo, based on customer behavior and purchase history.

Practice segmenting inactive customers and crafting win-back messages tailored to different reasons for churn.

Sunset inactive customers

Maintain a Healthy Email List

Ensure your email list's vitality by implementing strategic sunset flows in Klaviyo. Learn how to gracefully disengage low-activity subscribers while providing avenues for re-engagement, thereby upholding list quality and subscriber satisfaction.

Sunset inactive customers

Understand the concept of a sunset flow and its role in email list health.

Learn how to create a sunset flow in Klaviyo to identify disengaged subscribers and attempt re-engagement.

Develop techniques for segmenting low-engagement subscribers and deciding when to remove them from active lists.

Practice designing a multi-step sunset flow that respects customer preferences while maintaining list quality.

Workshop about this level

Klaviyo retention workshop

In this workshop, we'll go through the Klaviyo flows you've set up based on the course.

Engaging new customers

Post-purchase flow review

Winback inspiration & tips

List cleaning + sunset