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Tool Stack

Streamline your tech stack

Enhance your team’s productivity without the overwhelm. Using the right tools correctly will save you hours of time and make work much more interesting.

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Tool Stack

Course Outline

What you'll learn in this course

All of the levels of the Solid Growth program consist of an online course to get everyone on the team on the same level, followed by a workshop to implement the theory together.

Tool Stack Essentials

Enable smoother workflows and support your business's expansion

Master the essential tools needed for growth operations, ensuring your technology stack is streamlined and effective.

Tool Stack Essentials

Understand the essential components and functions of a growth operations tool stack.

Learn how to integrate and leverage CRM platforms to support business growth effectively.

Gain knowledge on selecting and using the right CMS, with an emphasis on e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Master best practices for tool selection, setup, and integration to build an efficient tool stack.

Google Sheets Essentials

Learn Google Sheets for marketers

Master the art of simplifying data handling to make informed business decisions faster. By using Google Sheets effectively, you'll improve your team’s collaboration and efficiency, ensuring data-driven strategies are at the core of your business operations.

Google Sheets Essentials

Utilise Google Sheets for efficient data collection, tracking, and analysis relevant to growth operations.

Collaborate effectively on data projects using Google Sheets to enhance team productivity and decision-making.

Incorporate best practices in data management to ensure accuracy, security, and accessibility.

Learn tricks in Google Sheets to save you a lot of time

Email Marketing Automation

Setup & integrate scalable customer communication

Develop the technical skills to seamlessly integrate and manage email automation systems, focusing on the mechanics rather than content. By understanding the setup, management, and optimization of automated email workflows, you’ll enhance operational efficiency and support scalable customer communication strategies.

Email Marketing Automation

Understand the importance and benefits of email marketing automation in growing a business.

Learn to set up, manage, and optimise automated email campaigns tailored to audience segments.

Develop skills to create compelling email content that engages and converts.

Implement tracking and analysis techniques to measure the success and ROI of email campaigns.

Workshop about this level

Toolstack Assessment

Practical tips on how to get more out of your existing technology - practical tips & tricks you can implement immediately.

Toolstack analysis & improvements

How to get most out of your tools

Using Loom to reduce meetings

Inspiration of what's possible