Why I love


Shares foundational life and work principles.

Encourages transparency, integrity, and a systematic approach.

Provides insights into decision-making processes and establishing clear company values.


"Principles" by Ray Dalio has been a significant influence on my approach to decision-making, problem-solving, and embracing reality. The book's emphasis on radical honesty, systemised thinking, and a five-step process for achieving goals resonates with my daily life.

Key Takeaways

  1. Embracing Radical Honesty: Dalio's principle of radical honesty is essential in prioritising data and facts over narratives and agendas. It's about integrity and truth-seeking in a world where politics often overshadow the truth.
  2. Systemising Decision Making: The book advocates for making decisions based on clear principles and thinking for oneself. This approach aligns with my belief in owning outcomes and viewing growth as a machine that can be optimised.
  3. Embracing Reality: Facing hard problems head-on and not shying away from them is a core principle in the book. This resonates with my approach to building funnels and viewing growth as a machine.
  4. Five-Step Process: Dalio's five-step process to solving problems and achieving goals has been particularly influential. Though not entirely new, his presentation of this systemised approach has been impactful.
  5. Honesty in Corporate Culture: I've observed corporate environments where politics took precedence over truth. Dalio's principles promote a culture of honesty and truth-seeking, fighting against this trend.

Personal Reflection

The principles in Ray Dalio's book have been deeply influential in shaping my daily decision-making and approach to life. The concept of embracing radical honesty resonates with me, as I believe in prioritising data and truth over politics and personal feelings. This principle of honesty is not just a theoretical concept but a practical guide that I apply in my professional life, especially when building funnels and viewing growth as a machine.

Dalio's five-step process for problem-solving and achieving goals aligns with my systematic approach to growth and success. It's a method that I've found to be universally applicable, and I use it regularly in various aspects of my life and work.

The book's emphasis on owning outcomes, systemising decision-making, and embracing reality has reinforced my belief in looking at problems from a higher level and not shying away from hard truths. I see growth as a machine that can be worked on and optimised, and Dalio's principles have provided a robust framework for doing so.

Furthermore, the book's fight against corporate politics and its promotion of a culture of honesty and truth-seeking have been particularly impactful. I've observed environments where politics took precedence over truth, and Dalio's principles offer a refreshing and essential counterpoint to this trend.

Overall, "Principles" has not only influenced my professional approach to growth marketing but has also shaped my personal philosophy. The radical honesty, systemised thinking, and practical problem-solving methods have become integral parts of how I live my life and conduct my work. Whether it's my approach to building funnels, viewing growth as a machine, or promoting a culture of honesty, Dalio's principles have been a guiding force.


"Principles" by Ray Dalio offers a robust framework for success in both personal life and professional growth. Its emphasis on honesty, systemised decision-making, and a systematic approach to problem-solving has had a profound impact on my life and work. Whether in personal life or professional growth, the principles laid out in this book provide a robust framework for success.