Conversion in the Goal Tree

Understand the conversion segment of the Goal Tree and its significance in achieving business goals.

Learn how to analyse conversion funnel and identify bottlenecks within the funnel.

Master the use of Google Analytics to find conversion leaks and trends.

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Identify leads that are more likely to become customers based on their engagement level.

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A lead that has shown interest in your product or service and meets certain criteria set by the marketing team, making them more likely to become a customer.

Identified through engagement with marketing efforts such as downloading content, signing up for a webinar, or clicking on ads.

MQLs are nurtured through targeted content and communications to move them further down the sales funnel towards becoming SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads).

Let's unravel another term that often pops up in our field: MQL. It stands for 'Marketing Qualified Lead'. Sounds fancy, right? Let's break it down.

What is an MQL?

Picture this: you've got a basket of apples. Some are ripe and ready to eat, while others need a bit more time on the tree. An MQL is like one of those apples that's just about ready. It's a lead that's shown enough interest in your product or service to be considered more likely to become a customer compared to other leads. They've interacted with your content, maybe downloaded a few resources, and are warming up to the idea of making a purchase.

Why is an MQL Important?

MQLs are a step above regular leads. They've moved further down the sales funnel, showing a deeper interest. Recognising an MQL means you can tailor your approach, giving them more specific attention to nudge them towards a purchase. It's like knowing which apples to pick first because they're the ripest.

How Do I Identify and Engage with MQLs?

MQLs often engage more with your content. They might attend webinars, download advanced resources, or frequently visit your pricing page. To identify them, look for these signs of increased engagement. Once you've pinpointed your MQLs, it's time to get personal. Tailor your communications, offer solutions to their specific needs, and perhaps even introduce them to your sales team for a more direct conversation.

In a Nutshell...

An MQL is a hot lead. They're showing all the signs that they're considering a purchase. By identifying and focusing on MQLs, you're prioritising leads that have a higher likelihood of converting. It's all about recognising potential and acting on it. So, keep those MQLs on your radar and give them the attention they deserve!

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