Organise, plan, and document strategies and projects effectively with Notion, your collaborative workspace for marketing.


Organise, plan, and document strategies and projects effectively with Notion, your collaborative workspace for marketing.

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Consolidate notes, tasks, and databases into a single platform for improved organisation.

Real-time editing and commenting features facilitate teamwork and streamline project management.

Adapt pre-built or create your own templates for various tasks, boosting efficiency and consistency.

What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one workspace tool for organised project management and note-taking. This tool provides you with an online, central environment to connect and collaborate with your team. Store notes, workflows, documents, roadmaps and more in your workspace for you and your team to easily find and use.

How does Notion work?

One of the powers of this tool is that it's flexible in its functionality and therefore different types of users utilise Notion in different ways. Common steps that most Notion users go through during their creation of a complete, useful workspace are; creating blocks and pages for structure, designing databases to store information in, allocating locations to store meeting notes, creating workflows to automate processes and inviting members of your team to collaborate.  

What can you use Notion for?

Notion is designed to help people within companies and organisations efficiently store information and collaborate on projects. How you and your team decide to use this tool depends on your needs, desires and goals.

Notion is a cloud-based productivity tool that combines features of a task manager, note-taking app, and wiki. It offers a range of features, including customisable databases, templates, and integration with other tools.

How can it benefit sales teams?

Notion can benefit sales teams in several ways, including:

Task management: Notion can be used as a task manager to track and manage sales tasks and projects, allowing sales teams to stay organised and on top of their workload.

Sales tracking: customisable databases can be used to track sales data, such as leads, contacts, and deals, allowing sales teams to easily access and analyse their sales data.

Collaboration: collaborative features make it easy for sales teams to share information and collaborate on tasks and projects, improving communication and productivity.

Integration with other tools: Notion integrates with a range of other tools, such as Salesforce and Trello, allowing sales teams to streamline their workflows and access their sales data in one place.

How can it benefit B2B marketing teams?

Notion can benefit B2B marketing teams in several ways, including:

Content planning and management: it can be used to plan and manage marketing content, such as blog posts and social media campaigns, allowing marketing teams to stay organised and on track with their content strategy.

Project management: Notion can be used as a project management tool to track and manage marketing projects, such as product launches and campaigns, improving collaboration and productivity.

Data tracking and analysis: customisable databases can be used to track marketing data, such as website traffic and conversion rates, allowing marketing teams to easily access and analyse their marketing data.

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