Create engaging video content effortlessly with Loom, enhancing communication and engagement with your audience.


Create engaging video content effortlessly with Loom, enhancing communication and engagement with your audience.

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Prevents meetings & email back and forth by sharing a lot of information in 1 video

An image says more than a 1000 words: share meta-information without having to write it down

Working async is super-easy when you're using Loom

Alright, I'm kicking this off with something that can be an absolute game-changer for your async communication: Loom videos. No, this isn't your typical video call or a long-winded conference presentation. This is focused, concise, and a hundred times more expressive than any email you'll ever write. Let me tell you why and how.

Why Loom Videos Work

Firstly, Loom videos hit that sweet spot between text and face-to-face meetings. They capture the nuances of body language, tone, and facial expressions that text can't. At the same time, they're asynchronous—you can record and share whenever you want, and your teammates can view them when it suits them. This helps you dodge the dreaded 'meeting trap,' where half the team is stuck in back-to-back meetings and gets nothing else done.

How to Make Them Effective

When you record a Loom video, it's crucial to have a structure. Here's a quick rundown:

  1. Introduction: Introduce the video's purpose.
  2. Body: Dive into the specifics—whether it's a task, feedback, or a proposal.
  3. Ask or Action Steps: Clearly mention what you're looking for—whether you need feedback, approvals, or further brainstorming.

Remember, be explicit about the kind of help you want. A vague video will get you vague responses, and nobody's got time for that in the growth game.

How to Share Them

Once you're ready to share, remember, context is king. Don't just drop the link and expect people to guess the urgency or the topic. Always add a descriptive sentence alongside the link. For instance, "Hey team, I've got some new insights on the customer funnel. It's not urgent, but some fresh eyes would be great." This sets the tone and gives your team an idea of what to expect.

By embracing Loom videos, you're not just opting for better async communication; you're also freeing up precious cognitive space for more strategic tasks. Now, tell me that's not a win-win. Ready to move on to the next level?

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Very good training, gained many new detailed insights, and Ewoud is extremely helpful in answering all the questions posed.

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Timon Tlomaczewski
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