Heat maps & recordings

Learn the basics of using heat maps and session recordings to understand user behaviour.

Understand how to set up, interpret, and draw conclusions from heat maps and recordings.

Best practices for integrating findings into UX/UI improvements and content strategies.

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Visualise user behaviour on your website to optimise for better engagement and conversion.

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Visual tool representing data where individual values are represented as colours.

Used to understand how users interact with a website, such as where they click, scroll, and spend time.

Helps in identifying usability issues and improving site design for better user experience.

What is a Heatmap?

Picture a map or a webpage sprinkled with different shades of colour, ranging from cool blues to fiery reds. These colours represent varying degrees of activity or values. That's a heatmap for you. In the digital realm, a heatmap is a visual representation of data where individual values are represented as colours. The warmer the colour (like red or orange), the higher the value or activity, and the cooler the colour (like blue or green), the lower.

Why is a Heatmap Important?

Heatmaps provide an intuitive way to quickly understand complex data sets. For websites, they can show where users most frequently click, move, or scroll, giving insights into user behaviour and preferences. This can be invaluable for improving website design, content placement, and user experience.

How Do I Use a Heatmap?

  1. Identify Your Goal: Are you trying to see where users click most on your website? Or understand a set of data?
  2. Collect Data: For websites, tools like Hotjar or Crazy Egg can track user activity to generate heatmaps.
  3. Analyse the Heatmap: Look for patterns. Areas with warmer colours indicate higher activity or values.
  4. Implement Insights: Use the information from the heatmap to make informed decisions, whether it's redesigning a webpage or understanding a data trend.

In a Nutshell...

A heatmap is like a visual storyteller, turning complex data into an easily digestible, colourful display. It offers a quick way to spot trends, understand user behaviour, and make data-driven decisions. Whether you're refining a website or analysing data, heatmaps provide clarity at a glance.

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