Simplify email campaigns and audience segmentation with Mailchimp, a powerful tool for effective email marketing.


Simplify email campaigns and audience segmentation with Mailchimp, a powerful tool for effective email marketing.

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User-friendly interface for easy email campaign creation

Advanced analytics and tracking to measure campaign effectiveness

Automation features to streamline email workflows and improve efficiency

How does Mailchimp work?

Mailchimp functions as an all-in-one platform for all your e-mail marketing practices. The first step is connecting Mailchimp to your website, social media accounts and if you sell products online you can connect the tool to your webshop. After this you should create your contact base by loading your current contact data into Mailchimp. Now the 'fun' can start; create sign-up forms to build your audience up, create and personalise campaigns and configure automations like follow-up e-mails and smart triggers. You can even create landing pages for your website or buy ads (for example on Facebook), directly from Mailchimp.

What can you use Mailchimp for?

The key function of this tool is obvious: e-mail marketing. The platform is focussed on building and maintaining good relationships with leads and current customers. Mailchimp has a pretty broad set of features to do so, these can be divided into four main categories:

  • Audience management; features like a segmentation tool, sign-up forms, behavioural targeting and contact profiles.
  • Creative tools; good examples are a content studio, a subject-line helper and campaign templates.
  • Marketing automation; features such as automated customer journeys, transactional e-mails after a purchase and send time optimisation based on data.
  • Insights and analytics; consists of reports, smart recommendations, an A/B testing system and a tool to send out customer surveys.

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